Sunday 27 May 2012

Spellbinders Class

Such lovely weather! I spent this morning in the garden.  I cannot believe the plant growth over the last few days.  I'm sure that if I could stand still long enough I would be able to see it happening. I always feel rather dissatisfied with the design of the garden at this time of year..... after watching the Chelsea Flower Show on tv.  I would love to be able to incorporate some of the ideas that I see in the show gardens.....clean lines... concrete structures... sculptures...wild meadows...Dream ...dream ...dream. 

Anyway, I had to  leave my husband to continue riddling the gravel in an area that had been overtaken by very vigorous weeds so that I could attend a class that I had booked at The Papeterie.  Poor him! 

It was a rather hot, but very enjoyable session with Erika Gunter. I have several Spellbinders dies but usually keep to the labels types. I have resisted the hype and the endless offers on Create and Craft tv shows for the other, more intricate dies. After this session I think that I may "need" some of those that we used during the class.   This is the end result.

I am pleased with my efforts as it has given me a different perspective about how to be creative with dies.

Postscript.  When I arrived home, husband was still " riddling". Told him to stop and that I would finish it tomorrow.  Hope the weather holds!!! 


Erika said...

Hi Lilian it was lovely to meet you yesterday and I'm glad you enjoyed your class. The finished articles look fab....I'm glad you are looking differently at Spellbinders now, mind you your purse might not be! LOL. It's lots of fun trying to put lots of different ones together have fun with it and enjoy.
Thanks for popping by, love your blog.
Happy crafting,
Erika. x

Suze Bain said...

These are gorgeous Lilian. xx


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