Saturday, 20 September 2014

It's Never Too Late

The title of this post refers to a long held ambition to learn to paint with watercolours. When I retired I signed up  to a class at the local Community Centre and have been attending ever since.

Our tutor has taught us a variety of techniques that have given me the confidence to frame a couple of my finished pieces. 

This is one of them. (Silly me - photographed a black frame on a black chair!)

I have to confess that I used a stamp for the foliage at the bottom left hand.
My tutor was a little disapproving of this action and offered to show me how to paint these with a brush!! Maybe next time.

I have noticed that most artists sell cards and postcards that depict their artwork. Now, I can't describe myself  as an artist, but I  thought that I would give it a go.  I have recently purchased a Canon MG6540 printer that scans....and more importantly....prints on card up to 300gsm.  So far, really pleased as it is wireless too and so I can set it to print from my laptop where ever I am in the house.

I'm delighted with the outcome. I scanned the original and printed it on to some glossy 300gsm card that produced a professional( if I say so myself) result. isn't too late for me. I'm enjoying the experience and that is what is important.

Mmm - this year's Christmas card could be along these lines. Certainly less effort to produce multiple copies once the original has been completed.

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