Sunday, 17 March 2013

Changing Hats

Changing hats now - I'm back to card making.  

I have had a few different hats on in the last week. On Monday I wore my baker's hat when I supervised some children at a local school making shortbread to sell for Children in Need. On Wednesday I had my teacher's hat on when I read poems to a class as part of their Reading Champion Scheme. On Thursday I was actually wearing my wooly hat when I helped a group of kids at another school build a shelter in the woods.  We had to make snow sculptures too, so that will give you an indication as to my need for warm headgear.   Retirement??

Anyway, I was asked to make thirty Thank You cards.  The lady had seen one that I had made previously and that had been purchased and sent by a friend.


A production line ensued - Cuttlebug folder and Big Shot - glue in Insert - "Handmade by" label.  That sounds a quick process but they must have taken me at least 3 hours to complete. I had to trim the cards to make the embossing fit and then had to trim the inserts to match.  Not complaining though....I just enjoyed making cards again.

I took the photo in the evening so the actual cream colour of the card does not show up....but you get the idea.

I resisted the urge to add colour.....mainly because of previous disasterous results!!

I now have to find my jewellery maker hat because I have to make several pairs of earrings befire tomorrow's a long story!

N.B. Other hats worn this week include cook's, cleaner's, driver's, gardener's, decorator's......


Ardyth Percy-Robb said...

These are lovely - perfectly elegant and a wonderful idea to put the insert in. Sometimes I love a break from design work and enjoy the less cerebral work of an assembly line (which is just as well, since I often do it! lol!)

Suze Bain said...

Hi Lilian, nice to 'see you'. Not having a very restful retirement then! Ah well, best to keep busy during the winter, come the summer you'll want to have more time to yourself. Super cards. Xx

Jenny said...

Arr a women's work is never done.... even in retirement it seems!! :0) These are perfect for mass production but still have a great imapact on the recipient :0)
Jenny x


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