Saturday, 4 September 2010

OLW18 -Trees

This week requires the use of a tree stamp but Susan has allowed for those of us who don't own one by saying that a branch or leaves would do.

So.... I have used my Winter Pine Border peg stamps to create the branch effect. The conifer branch is tiny and I had to "build" the branch by repeated stamping. It seemed only natural to make this into a Christmas card. I folded the card to make it landscape A6 with a vertical fold. It's nice to try a different orientation every so often and I feel that, in this case, the card complements the design. However I think that I will try other folds and shapes to see how these will influence the design of the stamped image.

One of the best results of following Susan Raihala's blog is that she forces you to think carefully about the basic design of cardmaking. I am much more aware now about the relationship between different elements on a card. Choosing the right colours have also become important to me. One of my reject cards was discarded because I felt that the green ink that I had used just didn't work. This was odd because it was much closer to the colour of the real thing.


mustavcoffee said...

Hello there, well a magnificent card, love the balance, colours and design, full house!! You built it beautifully, I love it :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Very pretty design!
Sharon D. from Canada

PetraB said...

Oh, your card is so beautiful and the desing so clever, love the colours.


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