Sunday, 18 July 2010

My garden in July

Have been in the garden this afternoon taking advantage of the all too infrequent good weather. We have had so much rain of late that I haven't had the chance to do much gardening. However, rain does mean that plant growth is rampant. (as well as weeds) I don't have a huge amount of colour at this time of the year - I love texture and of that, there is an abundance.

I would really like to use watercolours to paint the flowers and plants. I have the materials - paints, brushes and paper - but lack the confidence. I am determined to go to classes when I retire.

I admire the work of Mary McMurtie. She lived locally and I had the privilege of visiting her home, Balbithan House, in the seventies. She was not at home I may add. A friend of friends was looking after it while she was away. It was completely awe-inspiring. Great Hall, fireplaces you could stand in, stone staircases, historical paintings, four poster beds....... But the most magical place was the library where there was still a jar of wilting wild flowers that had been left on a table along with the paintbrushes and watercolour paints. She had obviously been painting them and had not cleared them away before she left. In addition, as we walked into the room, several butterflies of different types fluttered around. It was a warm summer's evening and the window had been left open allowing them to enter this magnificent room............... Very surreal but a lasting memory of a happy time.............

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to upload pics of my garden so here goes.

And this is the view that I enjoy from my kitchen window.


Crafty Susy said...

Lovely garden. It is raining here in Dyke at the moment. In Forres library accessing internet as no signal on phone or laptop at cottage.


Wow - such a stunning garden - thank you so much for sharing the photographs, they really are beautiful.
Hugs, Sylvia xxx


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