Saturday, 24 July 2010

Felting Project with the Janome 725 Embellisher

Seeing as I had the felting machine out to make an embellishment for a card this week I thought that I would share my first felting project with you. I had had my eye on the Janome FM 725 for some time before purchasing it at a craft fair at the SECC. I really, really want to create more with it but I am so obsessed with cardmaking at the moment that I don't have the time.

I started with the flower that you see pinned to the bag. It is actually a brooch. I then bought the felt bag from Hobbycraft and embellished it with roving, silver netting and tiny seed beads - my inspiration was the Scottish countryside. I then made a lining with pockets that I sewed to the inside. I made several more brooches and gave them to friends. I have promised myself that I will make something else soon - perhaps a pocket for my iPhone - that shouldn't take too long!!


Crafty Susy said...

Glad to see you are using your machine!!

mustavcoffee said...

Beautiful bag, love the colours of the design, looks like it took a long time to make:) xx


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