Sunday, 25 July 2010

Clean and Simple 100th sketch challenge

I have followed the Clean and Simple Stamping blog for some time but this is the first time I have submitted a card. This is the sketch that was provided for inspiration

I chose lavendar pearlescent card as the base then attached a piece of white card that I had and used a Martha Stewart Punch to create a scalloped edge at the bottom.

After I had positioned the ribbon I felt that it needed more definition at the bottom as it looked too top heavy. To rebalance it I glued a strip of black paper on the base card so that the detail of the punch was more defined.

I, like many others, love Martha Stewart punches. Intended buying one set from QVC yesterday but, as I couldn't choose, got both that were on special offer. Still feeling the guilt. (Note to CraftySusy - you can borrow mine - it will make me feel better.)

I resisted the urge to colour the stamped image or to add bling. See, there is an opportunity to make another card - same but different.

pearlescent card from local paper mill
Martha Stewart edge punch
Stamp -unknown but I bought it years ago and this is the first time that I have used it.
ink - Encore metallic purple
gingham ribbon

And finally, to prove that I do manage to do other things in my day, here are some blueberry muffins baked today. I can now tick "baking" off my list of things that I will do during my holidays from work.


mustavcoffee said...

Gorgeous card, think you were right the black highlights and emphasises the punched edge to balance with the ribbon, great card.
I have but 2 of the MS punches, love them to pieces so sympathise with your moment of weakness:)
I can almost smell the muffins they look very yummy mmmmmmmmm:) xxx

delightfuldaisy said...

Beautiful card! I like your style ~You should submit more often! :)

Natasha said...

Beautifully done!


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