Sunday, 23 May 2010

My other passion

Have spent today tidying up the garden and planting out some of the contents of the greenhouse. Got out the pressure washer and cleaned the decking and some of the paving. Managed to cover myself in mud from head to toe but it was worth it. It occurred to me that gardening is just like housework only outdoors. When everything is in its place and tidy, you get an enormous sense of satisfaction. Can't say that I have achieved this today but I am nearly there. Here are the pics to prove that I have been hard at work. Herman (tortoise) benefited from the good weather too. I have unintentionally managed to get his run in every shot but one! ( Good weather? We had a short thunderstorm in the afternoon )

Can't say the same for my craft cupboard - it's getting out of control again!! That's next weekend taken care of. I really covet those studios that you can buy for the garden but there just isn't the space.

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