Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dandelions revisited

I am not posting as regularly as I would want at the moment. Been busy at work, moving premises and the garden needs attending to more frequently at this time of the year as well as nurturing the greenhouse contents. I will post a pic of the results of my hard labour in the garden tomorrow.

In desperation, I have revisted my beloved dandelion stamps in order to get a stamping fix! I suppose that it is quite apt as I have resorted to removing the real thing from the garden. My delight as seeing them emerge earlier in the season has disappeared. Herman ( the tortoise) is not able to keep up with their rate of growth on his own. I overhead a conversation recently which centred on the unusual increase in the number of dandelions that were invading the conversants gardens. I am now tempted to agree!!

Still not bought a brayer but I like the randon background effect of dragging the stamp pad across the card.

1 comment:

Abounding Treasures said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I must try dragging my stamps across the background :o)


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