Saturday, 27 October 2012

Felt Brooches - Something New

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a stall at three craft fairs next month.  I decided to make some felt brooches to sell.

 A free gift that came with a craft magazine that I bought is a kit to make up three felt strawberry brooches.  I did make up one but wasn't happy with the design or quality of materials so I decided to make some to my own design and with supplies that I have in my stash(Took me a while but I eventually found the brooch pins that I had purchased a couple of years ago.)    

At the moment, I am also investigating the possibility of selling the things that I make online. My compulsion to create on a daily basis must be a recognised disorder of some kind. Perhaps Google will help!

I have hand sewn these - no glue was used.  However it did take me a while to complete them this way. I'm sure, in business terms, that this is not the most cost effective process. Glue would have been a cheaper option in terms of labour costs but I decided against it. If I had taken the quicker  route, I would have felt(no pun intended) that I had cheated in some way.

Will see how it goes.  One can only test the market.  Where are these cliches coming from?!!!  Has Sir Alan Sugar invaded my brain?  (I wish!)


Suze Bain said...

These are so cute Lilian, they should definitely be a seller! I've been felting too this week, making some christmas decorations, well actually, I cut out a load but I've only sewn one. I didn't realise how time consuming it would be and my blanket stitch isn't that perfect. Might have a go at machine stitching - or they might just lie unsewn until next christmas! Lol! xx

Christine said...

Very nice and cute Lilian!

Anonymous said...
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