Saturday, 20 October 2012

Beavering Away

I've had my head down tonight making things for my stall at a couple of local school fairs that are coming up next month. I am not very comfortable with this method of selling -  I'm obviously not a shopkeeper at heart!

There is always an expectation that items will be very cheap and no realisation of the time that it has taken to make them.  I suppose that we are spoilt as a society because we have cheap items available in the shops that have probably been made by children in a far off country for a pittance. The thought of children not being able to experience the childhood that they deserve really upsets me. I cannot understand the mentality of those that think otherwise.

Okay, I have stepped down from the soapbox.

Here is what I have made:

I had originally intended stamping on the cork drinks mats for an altered art project but decided that they would be perfect as the base for these mini Post it Note holders. I have spent some time on the packaging in the hope that this will make the items more attractive to buyers.

I covered the mats before sanding the edges. The bulldog clips can be detached and used separately and I have included a mini gel pen.

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Suze Bain said...

We're on the same path Lilian, I'm doing a couple of fairs too. I thought I would get so much done during the holidays, but I've hardly started! I'm always a last minute minny! I too package my cards and gifts, it does look more professional and keeps them safe from little sticky fingers! Good luck with your sales! xx


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