Friday, 5 August 2011

Something different....

I thought that I should use some of the jewellery making supplies that I have accumulated over recent months (nae years).  I have made various items as gifts in the past but would really like to take it on board as one of my main crafts.  I have a real desire to use silver clay.  This reminds me that I told this to a real jewellery designer last week, and, by an amazing coincidence, she was intending to make her very first piece in this medium that very day! For those of you that know Aberdeen, she sells lovely jewellery from her home in North Square in Fittie.
Anyway, I bought this linked stretch bracelet ( Doncaster - I'm beginning to think that I spent more than I had thought!) and added pink freshwater pearls and flat, circular shell beads. The bracelet comes with links already in place to  attach the head pins with the beads on. Of course, not entirely happy with it ........ I should buy my own tools and not borrow them from my husband's toolbox..... that might make a difference.

It's great to take another direction once in a while.

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Pauline said...

A beautiful bracelet, I would love to make my own jewellery, but I fear it would be another hobby I would spend too much money on lol!


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