Thursday, 11 August 2011

A potted plant

Orchids have been my favourite potted plants for some time now. They are such givers. I purchased one in Ikea in February of this year and it lost its last flower at the beginning of this month.  I like to rescue the sorrier specimens from the bargain shelves in the supermarket or garden centre. I get such a kick when I see the new shoot appearing that I know will produce another spectacular display.  I am not alone in this practice - There was the other lady in the supermarket who shared her load of bedraggled "past their sell by dates" with me when I looked longingly into her trolley......or more recently, the discovery that a friend's house was beginning to be a hospital for sick orchids.

So, when I saw the Hero Arts Potted Plant stamp on that auction site, I wanted it.
Here is my first card using this stamp.

It was a bit tricky to ink it as I had to apply the different colours without contamination.  The patterned background paper is from K & Company. I layered pink card with a torn edge on to this before adhering the stamped, torn and inked edged topper. Of course, I couldn't leave this alone...........I double stamped flowers and pot and then decoupaged them.  Subtle but I like...........


Suze Bain said...

You'll have to give me some tips on orchids, have never been successful in getting them to re-flower but I have one now with a new shoot, so I'll keep my fingers crossed! A lovely card, such a delicate image and I'm sure you'll use it for many occasions. xx

Jenny said...

What a stunning card and stamp, you've inked it so carefully to great effect too :)
I'm not really a houseplants best friend at all so i have a lot of admiration for those of you who can keep them alive and flowering :)
Jenny x

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Lillian, I thought I'd left a comment on this beautiful card, Oh well, I think I might just be loosing it LOL
Your card is beautiful, I love orchids they are so graceful and you've captured this. Such a pretty shade too, Gay xxx


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