Monday, 17 January 2011

Valentine heart

The next date on the cardmaker's calendar is Valentine's Day. (If you don't count Burns' Night - shame on me!) I made some cards after the event last year so I had better try to locate them. I am, at the moment, fighting the urge to make some Christmas cards for this year. So I must have felt the same after the 14th of Feb last year.

This is the first of this year's efforts. Clean and simple.
I used an embossing board that came free with a magazine for the text and the square frame for the heart.

The heart itself is 3 dimensional. I glued patterned paper to card and then punched out 3 heart shapes. These were glued together and I then applied gold Stickles to follow the pattern of the paper.

The following photo gives a better idea of how it was constructed.

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