Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Rejects revived

When making cards for challenges I seldom am happy with my first attempt. Often it is a stamped image or sentiment in the wrong place but even more often it is a smudge of paint, pen or ink that relegates the otherwise perfect card, to the pile that can will eventually be re-used with background paper to obliterate my mistakes.

However, sometimes if I go back to one of these rejects, I can see a way of adding elements that will hide my previous mistakes. Here is one such card:

This began life as one of my OLW16 Challenge cards for Susan Raihala's Simplicty blog. The card that I eventually entered and another can be seen here. By adding another layer I have rescued a card that I was quite happy with before disaster befell. The ribbon at the top and the ribbon and button hide black ink smudges ( very small but noticeable). Sometimes, I think that I get more satisfaction from saving a card from the reject pile than I do from a card that is created without problems.

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