Friday, 11 June 2010

OLW 8 / New Challenges ahead

This week, in Simplicity's challenge, we had to use a mask in the background design of our cards. I haven't got the new stamps out of my system so I incorporated them into one of my cards along with my trusty dandelion friend. Couldn't choose which one to post so have included both.

Susan's challenges are helping me to develop my approach to cardmaking. They focus the mind make you "think outside the box". All to often I sit for ages with lots materials in front of me and end up with something that I am not fully satisfied with. It's funny how one word like "repetition" or "mask" or "overlapping" is enough to get the creative juices going.

I work in education in Scotland and we are going through curricular changes at the moment. The purpose of the new curriculum is to challenge children to think creatively and to employ critical thinking skills across all subjects and to encourage them to take charge of their own learning. Communication, collaboration and co-operation are also key factors that are high on the priority list.

And my point is??? Susan's work stimulates me to think creatively and critically. Blogs and the internet foster the three Cs too. I am able to put myself in the position of the learner which, in turn, allows me to set meaningful, challenges for pupils. I realise that these don't have to be complex in nature to meet the curricular targets.


Anonymous said...

these cards are MAGNIFICANT!!!!!
wow. what an amazing job.
thanks for sharing.
marty ferraro

Crafty Susy said...

Lovely lilian not used my new dandelion stamps yet. You have given me inspiration. Will try them out next week.

Dallas said...

Absolutely wonderful!!!

Have a great weekend :o)

lexiemarkone said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to try my own version!

Donelda said...

I am glad you posted both because both are awesome. And I like how you connected your curriculum changes to your own creative process.

Susan Raihala said...

Fascinating post! Simplicity is the best teacher. As a former college English instructor, I know that the best way to teach is to keep it simple. Many students try to make it too complicated...and I know exactly what they're doing because when I started papercrafting I did the same thing, thinking creativity had to be hard. At its best, I keep out of its way and let it do its thing, LOL! Not so hard after all, and loads more fun!

Your cards are both beautiful. I love how you changed the look so much simply by changing the stamps.

torico said...

Both cards are simply beautiful!!! Love them!

Carol said...

Such beautiful cards!

Deb Mayberry said...

Amazing...your style is fabulous.


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