Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No stamp required

Another quick post while I am preoccupied with my other projects. I have been using stamps quite a lot lately, purchasing a number that I haven't even opened the packaging of............... Familiar story eh? I really love paper and can happily spend hours just going through my collection, admiring the variety of textures, styles and colour combinations. I am reminded that if it were not for last minute nerves at leaving home and moving the the other end of Scotland to go to college at the age of 18, I could have found myself designing textiles and even my own background papers.

This is a straighforward card that I created with paper, slide frame (covered in the same paper) and mounted over a sticker; white and pearlised pink card strips finished off with a square brad.
I do find it difficult to part with my brads but as I was only using one, I was able to let go!!! ( If I give it to a friend and if they intend disposing of it in the future then perhaps they can give it back to me) Do you think that therapy would help?

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mustavcoffee said...

Wonderful card, xx


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