Saturday, 26 June 2010

Coming up for air

I finally completed the mini album that I was putting together for a friend's retiral. I find that working on a project like this is very different from one that has been commissioned for someone that I don't know well.

I first met Rod at college and when we worked together years later, we would often share common memories of events and fellow students......we still do to this day. He also makes me laugh like no one else can.

He is a very special man who has worked with special children for many years helping them to access the curriculum using technology and I wanted that to be the important theme throughout the album. As usual, it took much longer to finish than it should. I just can't do these quickly.

I used a zig zag album that I had purchased from Lakeland years ago rather that start from scratch thinking that it would speed the process up. (I wish!) Backing papers are mainly from my K& Co stack. ( Honestly, this just goes on and on forever--300 12 x 12 papers and so easy to find an appropriate choice for each page. It was a TSV on QVC and I'm repeating myself by saying that it was my best buy ever.)
One of the shots shows a flapped section where I have inserted 2 photos of statues at the Louvre. (Rod had travelled to Paris to pick up a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award and they play an important role in his life's story.) I concealed them in this section because they are unclothed and might shock the reader!!

So.... I have one more retiral project to go so will be spending the next while looking for Chinese Proverbs. Confucius says..............

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Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed looking at this, Lilian. Rod must be very pleased to have it- a great souvenir.


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