Thursday, 8 April 2010

What a difference a day makes.

Yes, the garden has come on, albeit slightly, with yesterday's sun. Daffodils are nearly there and the Drumstick Primulas have come into their own.

Today's link to cardmaking comes in the form of dandelions! I was out looking for dandelions for my tortoise (will introduce him at a later date). I am one of the few gardeners who welcome the appearance of these weeds as they provide a ready source of food for Herman.

I purchased dandelion stamps from Lavinia Stamps at the SECC in Glasgow last year and I frequently return to them as a source of inspiration. They are useful for every occassion and I never tire of using them. This is a simple, straightforward card that I made and I think it shows them off effectively.

I used cut and dry foam and ink from an inkpad to create a subtle background.

Some more cards made using these stamps
my slideshow

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Crafty Susy said...

Lovely once again Lilian.


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