Thursday, 16 August 2012

One of our Garden Visitors

I have taken a few pictures to share of the varied wildlife that appears in our garden and this is the first.

It is a field mouse that we see regularly climbing the trellis fence then tight-roping the hanging basket bracket to reach the bird nut container.  It mostly seems unphased by our presence but if we do get too close it just launches itself into mid air in the direction of the pond vegetation which, thankfully, breaks its fall.  Lovely.... as long as it - and its friends - stay outside!!!
And so to another of my seamless links to cardmaking!     I have always liked the Housemouse stamps so was delighted to receive the Joanna Sheen Projects CD from Susy as a gift.  It is mostly toppers and decoupage but it does give you
the opportunity to see and appreciate the fab artwork. I'm not a huge fan of decoupage but I do find cutting out extremely therapeutic.  

 The mice are just as cute as my garden visitor - can you see the resemblance?

1 comment:

Jenny said...

eek what a cute and bold litle character he is...I bet it's fun watching him run the gauntlet to the feeder :0)
Super cute the dimension of the decopage :0)
Jenny x


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