Thursday, 29 July 2010

One-layer Wednesday 14

This is my second post today. I completed my entry for Susan's OLW challenge 14 last night so I thought that I may as well submit it. The requirements this week are for a square card and an outline stamp.

I have had this stamp for ages and I really like it but I am always reluctant to use it as I find it difficult to get a clear image. This time I placed a mouse mat underneath the card and it has worked better. The centre was just crying out for a bit if "bling", so I obliged.

In her post, Vicki Dutcher noted the importance of placement on CAS cards and I agree with everything that she says. I am pleased with the positioning of the stamps. but , as usual, I want to experiment and find other versions that work. I have taken to cutting copier paper the same size as the card and using this to play around with my designs. It saves having a pile of cards that I have to find another use for because my results just don't seem right.

Stamp - Sugarloaf Inc, Scribble flower
Sentiment - Hero Arts
Ink - Distress Ink- Chipped Sapphire, Impress - Cherry Pink
Pink acrylic gem


I really liked Bonnie's entry to the challenge, in particular, the framing with a fine line so I decided to have a go with the card that I have already submitted. I have seen Susan do this before and I can see that it prevents the eye from straying "off the page". Will use this again.


mustavcoffee said...

Wow this is really stunning, lovely contrast with the cerise pink and black (or is that purple?) flower. The sentiment is great, your card is a real winner!

I love masking, it gives you so many options but I don't enjoy cutting them out:{ Lazy I guess, at least once you have it, the mask lasts for a couple of stampings, if you don't loose it!!!
Happy Stamping:) xx

Abounding Treasures said...

Simply stunning!

Great idea cutting copier paper the same size and experimenting before you do the real thing! I have started doing a variation on this with Dollar store sketch booklets and it is great!!

I try to use all my *mistakes* for a whole different type of card :o)

mustavcoffee said...

Sorry my comment is muddled, I meant that I wasn't sure if the sentiment was black or purple, Oh dear it's just been one of those days:) xx

Bonnie said...

Your choice of stamps, colors and placement are all lovely. It looks like that computer paper technique really works!

Susan said...

Great idea to use the computer paper. I've done that before, but haven't tried it in a while. Just think of all the cardstock I could have saved from the trash! LOL!

Awesome that quote!

mustavcoffee said...

Loving the effect you've got here, it does keep your eye in the picture:) xx

Carol said...

Beautiful card! Really like the doodling you did on it afterwards. Funny how those little lines make the card look totally different, but still wonderful!

Susan Raihala said...

OH, I love both versions of the card. The border does "hold in" the design, but the simplicity of the card without the border really appeals to me, too.


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