Sunday, 11 July 2010

Circles and swirls

I continued with my use of kraft with these two cards.

Before I go on, I have had this design in my head for some time and I think that I got the idea from Susan Raihala's blog but I would take me ages to find her original version so that I can credit her properly. It was much simpler in design than this, as you would expect .....No one, in my opinion, does CAS quite like her. She has inspired my cardmaking so much since I became one of her many avid followers.

I only used a strip of kraft on each card in an attempt to see if it still worked for me. Not sure but they are growing on me.

I used a punch to create the coloured circles and punched one in the kraft paper to house the sentiment. A HOTP swirl stamp was used to connect the elements and in both cases the sentiment was stamped and punched out. One has been raised slightly with foam squares.

I didn't intend to use the ribbon but I managed to get some ink on the card. I did what we all do and looked for something to salvage the project. I also see that the stamping in the first brown circle does not show up in the is there but obviously more subtle.

I'm off to do something completely different!

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mustavcoffee said...

Hi, I can see where you're coming from following Susan Raihala she is totally inspirational, I've been fascinated by her talent since I first discovered her blog :)
I think I know the card you are referring to, it was similar to your card but only had the circular disks, it was brilliant.
I love your take on it, great cards :) Those pesky ink spots, they get everywhere, Thank heavens for ribbon :)xx


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