Monday, 3 May 2010

A word of warning!!!

Now, we all know that computers are liable to start acting up at any time - especially elderly ones. And I do understand the importance of backing up files....I advise others all the time as part of my job. So it was my own fault that I lost some of my digi stamps when Windows was reinstalled. Spent ages looking...not believing that they had completely disappeared. ( I have a habit of saving things more than once and in obscure places.)

These were digis from Mo's digital Pencil that I love, love, love, and have posted samples of previously. What to do? .................Contact Mo. ................. Did this and she responded with a lovely email which, as well as a good humoured chastising for not backing up, had my missing files attached. How good is that? Of course, she's a crafter and we know how generous our community is.

The moral of the tale is ............. "PUH-LEEEZE back up!!" as Mo put it herself.Here is another card with a digi from the same set. it is entitled " Jordan multitasking"
Look at those Ugg boots! Niece, Hollie, has a pair and would have loved to have made cards with these images when she stayed with us this weekend. Next time!


Mo Manning said...

My name is Mo and I approve this message! LOL, thanks Lilian!!! xoMo

Crafty Susy said...

Can't believe it Lilian, I save all mine to an external drive as well as my computer. You are so lucky to have had them replaced. Get yourself and external hard drive please........


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