Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My first published work!!

Just a quick post to say how pleased I was when visiting Lavinia Stamps website to peruse and make up my mind about my next purchase, to find that a card that I had submitted had been uploaded to the Readers Gallery.

My effort is so much less accomplished than everyone elses but I will try to convince myself that it shows that the stamps are really versatile and suit many different styles. click here to link to the gallery. Please have a look at the other submissions. Wonderful!!!


Crafty Susy said...

Lovely Lilian. So simple yet so sophisticated. The gallery looks fab. Great to see your own cards on someone else's site.

Bahb said...

Oh GOODNESS I love your style. Just PERFECT! Dandelions and thistles, weeds of all sorts really, are more beautiful to me than things we call "flowers". And you do such a beautiful job with them. I wouldn't have ever had a chance to see your work if you hadn't posted on Susan's Simplicity Blog, so thanks for sharing.


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