Tuesday, 6 April 2010

How long can a pair of jeans last?

Number one son appeared yesterday to pick up his favourite pair of jeans after I had mended them for the umpteenth time. My sewing machine does a good job in darning the worn areas but I have told him that if there is a next time then it will have to be to convert them into a pair of shorts.

This reminded me of a pair of his old jeans that I had used to make into a craft tote bag. I cut the legs off, used part of one to make a base and the handles and hey presto....somewhere else to store my craft stuff. The pockets are already there so it was a relatively straightforward project.

Now what can I do with the other leg? Watch this space!!!


Crafty Susy said...

Love the bag Lilian.

Seema said...

Hi Lili
This bag is fantastic. You have to make one for me. Do you need a pair of old jeans, I can provide you one. This will be so useful for me to use at my work place. All in one place. No dropping, dripping, falling of stuff!!!
Love seema


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